Friday, January 25, 2008

Call us crazy...

I had talked to a lady awhile ago from Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. I told her we had a full house but could probably help in an emergency.

Well, on Wednesday we found out that there was a bengal at Jackson County Animal Control that could be picked up Thursday but would be put to sleep Friday if nobody came for her. The woman from the bengal rescue lives in Illinois and couldn't find anyone else to go. So, Thursday afternoon, I went out to Jackson. Jackson, at least the part I was in, was not a nice place. It looked kind of dumpy, rundown homes and businesses and old junky cars. The road to the Animal Control building was even worse. It was the only building at the end of a dusty had a very gloomy feeling. Inside, it was very dirt and smelled horrible, and there were animals whining in the made me want to cry. Luckily they kept the animals in a separate room or I would have brought them all home!

I had made an appointment with our vet to check her out before I brought her home. She had really dirty ears, they said she may have had ear mites before, so they were inflamed, so we have drops we have to give her, and she had some sort of worm so we have to give her pills too. But, she doesn't have fleas, which they were concerned about, and she tested negative for Feline Leukemia and some other bad disease, so she's good and healthy. She was so good at the vet too, when she put her hand into the crate, she started purring right away. 

She is such a little love! She has never shown fear, she explored every inch of the vet's office, and took over the walk in closet in our room, and this afternoon decided she also owns the bedroom. And she loves belly rubs! The vet said she may have come from a backyard breeder where she was kept in a cage, because she doesn't jump very well and has no idea what to do with toys. She is just starved for attention, when we go into the room, she runs to us, purring. 

She's so cute and so small, only 6.2 pounds at the vet (our boys are 10) but she's been eating well here so we'll plump her up.

She doesn't have a name yet...she has a very wild look about her, especially in her face. We're having trouble coming up with a name that suits her.

So, we'll be a 5 cat family...which in the case of bengals doesn't seem like a lot...the woman who helped rescue her has 7 bengals, and most of the other people I've talked to have at least 3. They're like potato chips!

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