Friday, February 1, 2008

Another kitty update

We decided to name the rescued kitty Kiara. (from the Lion King). She has such a wild look, it fits her. She is such a sweet heart! She was supposed to stay quarantined until Thursday, but on Tuesday night she decided she'd had enough of being locked up, and made herself at home in the rest of the house. The boys hissed and growled for about a minute, and followed her around sniffing her for a few minutes after that, and then all of a sudden, everything returned to normal. 
They all get along so well, they're already
 grooming each other and sleeping in a big pile on my lap together. We got really lucky with her. She's getting better at jumping, and has gotten the hang of playing. She likes to carry a straw around the house, just like Max does!

This was them laying on my lap last night. Max on the left, Ian in the middle, and Kiara on the right.

I finally figured out how to put videos up on youtube, so here is the link.

Also, we heard from our breeder, and get to go pick up the kittens tomorrow! Kiara has a follow up appointment at the vet to make sure her worms are gone and that she's still healthy, and the boys have their every 6 month check up so we'll all have a clean bill of health before we bring the kittens home.

I had a snow day today, so I enjoyed sleeping in a little bit. Unfortunately, Eric's schedule has gotten even crazier..I'll have him post about that, so I don't really get to see him in the mornings anymore. But he still gets to come home for his lunch break, and at nights, so I'll take what I can get. The kitty companions keep me occupied during the day and help me do the housework. (especially the cooking)

Also, Happy 19th birthday Janelle!!!

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  1. LOVE the YouTube videos - Max and the screw in the wall had everyone in my office doubled over laughing.