Friday, January 11, 2008

a few small updates

I'm trying to update more often, per the request of many family members and friends.

Not a whole lot has been going on, we had our little group of friends over for a party, since a couple of them go to school far away, we try to take advantage of the times they are here. It was fun, I'm glad my 2 best friends and Eric's 2 best friends get along. We have nice parties.

We are having a hard time waiting until February 9th to go get the kittens. Luckily Kaylene, our breeder, is really really nice. We've already gotten 2 email updates since we were there on Saturday, and the one she sent on Wednesday had a few new pictures! She asked us to let her know when we had picked names for them, and she's already calling them by their names so they'll be used to them (which sounds a little silly but bengals are known for knowing their names. Our boys come when we call their names) 

We've been really happy with Kaylene so far, and are of course completely sold on the bengal breed, so if anyone is looking for a new cat or two, her website is

Eric started his last semester at Walsh, which is exciting because he's almost done, but, he's gone a couple of nights a week again. I'm used to it, he's been taking tons of classes since high school, and he plans on going right into his Master's. People ask me how I handle him being gone so much, but my friend Leah's boyfriend is in the marines and she never sees him at all. It really puts a couple of nights a week into perspective.

 This semester is really fun for Eric because his friend Vlad is in one of his classes. 

We have been playing Eric's wii a lot (did he ever write that thats what I got him for Christmas?) Janelle, Ryan, Eric, and I also got a wii for my dad so we take our controllers when we go over there and have big family bowl-offs. Its really fun! I don't like the boxing, it confuses me but I like all of the other sports. There is also a game called 'Cooking Mama' where you do different things with the controller to go through all the steps of cooking a meal. Its a hard one to get used to but I think its really funny!

My friend Alex is coming over tonight to have dinner and drinks before she goes back to Iowa. It was a hard adjustment to make after seeing her every day in high school (and having known her since preschool!) to only seeing her a few times a year, so we have to cram a whole lot of girl talk into our last night together before she leaves.

Well, thats about it for now, I've tried a lot of new dishes, I just haven't gotten the recipes and pictures into my recipe blog yet, that is my goal for next week.

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