Friday, January 18, 2008

I found some free time!

Hey everybody!

Jasmine has been bugging me about updating, and apparently I haven't posted in a month.

Things have been going great!  In fact, I just had some amazing Cabbage Chicken Mushroom soup ala Jasmine.  Hiller's is the best store!  We like to take our time picking out our favorites and a few new and interesting foods.  We got a red pear and some gouda cheese.  The olive bar is great, Jasmine recommends the feta (yuk) stuffed olives.

I started my last semester at Walsh and at OCC.  I am excited to start the grad program in 10 weeks!  Work has been keeping me very busy, I have had a lot of opportunities to work overtime which is always nice.

I made it to Pro level in Wii bowling and tennis.  Golf and baseball pro status are not far away.  Four player tennis with Jasmine's parents is a riot.  We are still trying to keep up with Jasmine's Dad in bowling, and Jasmine's Mom is the reigning queen of Brain Age.  I am afraid to go back to actually bowling and tennis after this...

I had the day off for the Saturday rotation at work so I packed up my Wii and headed over to OCC Auburn Hills.  I had fun hanging out with the old gang at OCC.

It is nice to have Vlad in one of my classes again.   After class Vlad came over to work on the homework with me.  Jasmine picked us up Tostito's Scoops (only the best kind of chip in the world) and hot salsa.  While feasting on chips and salsa we started the pile of homework.  Homework goes by much faster with cold beer and chips and salsa.  Ironically, the optional text book had the answers written for half of the questions ;)

After 6+ months of marriage, my yearly physical revealed that I am in the best shape of my life.  I was complemented on my diet (thank you Jasmine) and my exercise habits (thank you New Year's resolution).  Now, it is only three weeks into the new year, but Jasmine and I are going to keep each other going to the gym.  Plus all of the exercise we get from playing the Wii!

I am looking forward to a great 2008!

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