Saturday, June 2, 2007


Our plan was to get the condo all painted, and then start moving furniture in. So last night my dad and I went over there and my dad and Eric sanded, then Eric and I went to Melvin's to get all the paint. Then this morning I went to Eric's house just before 8 for a quick pancake date, and around 8, Uncle Rick and Aunt Laura came over with all of their painting tools and expertise. They gave us a few tips and we got started. We painted the living room/dining room/stairway/hallway area and Aunt Laura started the trim for the bathroom. The living room looks great! It went by so fast! They could only stay until 1 and even though we took a lunch break, we got the whole first coat done! We are using Benjamin Moore paint, I don't know if you can look up the colors on the website or not but we're using Milkyway for the living/dining/stairway/hall, Moccasin for the bathroom, Wales Green for the kitchen, and Bashful Blue for the bedroom. They're all hard colors to explain, but we'll put pictures up as soon as we get them done!

Everything is going great so far! Eric has lived in the condo for a full week now, things are slowly but surely getting moved in, this will speed up after we have paint and can move the furniture and stuff in, and the tomatoes on our plant on the balcony are starting to turn red!

Today is Sam's due date, she's been dilated 1 centimeter for the past 2 weeks, so hopefully that will change soon. She isn't enjoying the heat but she's still so cute! If she doesn't have him by next Saturday, they're going to induce her. So in the next week at some point I'll have a nephew!

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