Thursday, June 7, 2007


So, today is June 7th. You know what that means... ONE MONTH!!!!! Thats right folks, 30 days left until the big day. I have mixed feelings. I'm SOO excited for the wedding, and to be married, but I'm a little stressed out about all of the final plans. We still have to get music (so if anyone has a cd I can borrow with good weddingy songs that would be nice), we have to get the teeny tiny little details like who stands where when and who is in charge of getting what to where. This month should be fun too, if I can avoid being stressed out. Even though I'm not planning on partying or going crazy at all, I'm excited to turn 21. And I have a bachelorette party, which, thanks to my wonderful Sam, I can be sure won't be too crazy.

Sam got to bring Camden home yesterday. He is just so cute. He looks just like his dad, but has Sam's ears and nose. (Sam has an ear with a point, like Spock, and both of Camden's ears have points) and instead of curling up like most newborns, he's always streched out. So far everything is going really well for all of them.

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