Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our adventure back from Disneyland

Heading back from Disneyland, we were both tired, but Jubilee had the leisure of napping on the subway. As confident as I was at having gotten to Disney by myself, now I had to follow the map backwards. Maps and directions are not my strong suit, I still use my gps to get to my sister's house 45 minutes away. We made it back with very few issues-at one stop the elevator was out so I had to take Jubilee out of her stroller and try not to fall down the escalator with her, the stroller, the diaper bag, and her giant Minnie Mouse. A major cultural difference in Hong Kong is that everyone minds their own business, nobody holds doors or helps moms with their hands full. 

We finally got to our final stop, but for some reason I couldn't find the way we had come in. After walking back and forth a couple of times, I ended up just taking the exit I kept finding. We came out onto the street, I looked around, and realized I had no idea where I was. Not wanting to look like a tourist, I confidently headed down the sidewalk, casually looking around to see if I recognized anything. Eventually, I noticed a building not too far away that I recognized (thank you random colored squares on the building!) and headed in that direction. Pretty soon after that I noticed the hotel's logo at the top of our hotel! I had made it!

I was tired, hot, and starving, but Jubilee was asleep in the stroller and every store and restaurant in Hong Kong seems to require either a step up or down into the building-nothing is handicap accessible there. Finally I picked a restaurant that had steps but that I had wanted to try, took Jubilee out of her stroller, and carried her, the stroller, and all of our bags up into the restaurant. I ordered food to go-I was exhausted-and then carried everything plus a bag of food and cup of Hong Kong milk tea back down the stairs. I got Jubilee back into her stroller and hefted everything across the street. When I got to the hotel, a lobby full of businessmen stood and stared at me through the glass doors as I struggled to get the heavy door open and all of our stuff through. Sheesh!

Here's another dinner picture-roast pork with a yummy sauce! I had survived the trip, and now it was time to pack for home!

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