Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hong Kong, day 4

After leaving the orphanage, we took the taxi back to the hotel, unloaded all of Jubilee's things in the hotel room, and then walked to a dim sum restaurant down the street. When Janice the social worker asked me what things I wanted to do in Hong Kong, I said I was open to anything, but I did want to eat dim sum and ride in a double decker bus (hey, I'm a small town girl!). 

The dim sum was amazing! I let Janice order for us since I was willing to try anything. I think she chose dishes that she knew an American would like though, because I know they also served chicken feet and other foods that we tend to not eat at home.

After lunch we took a bus down to the harbor to see some historic sites. This tower is what is left of the old train station, more than 100 years ago.

 A crabbing boat! While we watched, the woman pulled the box up out of the water and dumped a bunch of crabs onto the floor of the boat.
 We walked the avenue of the stars, similar to what we have in Hollywood.
 Then we hopped on a double decker bus to go to a shopping district for some final souvenirs. The buses are flat fronted, and we were able to sit on the 2nd floor, right up in front. It didn't seem to be that big of a deal to anyone else ;)

 Look at how close we got to the bus in front of us!!

A street market near the hotel

Finally we got back to the hotel and said goodbye to Janice for the night. She would return in the morning with the final paperwork and to take us to a subway station I hadn't been to before to point us in the direction of Disneyland.

Jubilee was tired, but I was starving, so I put her in the sling and we walked down to 7-11. I got a bowl of noodles, and even though I had baby food in the hotel for Jubilee, I wanted to get her something else too. I ended up picking a little egg tart from the bakery section. Here in the US it would be the clear box with doors that has shelves of bagels and donuts. In Hong Kong it was breads filled with meat or fruit, and egg tarts. I picked it because it looked easy to mash up for her, but when we got back to the hotel I looked it up to see what I was feeding her (the fun of eating in another country!) and it turns out it is Hong Kong's version of a British egg custard pastry. Sweet and mild. I also got an ice cream for each of us-it was a celebratory evening after all, my first night with my daughter!

We played for a few minutes after eating, and then it was time for bed. Jubilee fell asleep right away because she was tired, but then woke up and had a bit of a rough night. It was her first night away from what she knew as home. It was a long night, but luckily, morning was coming and we were going to have a great day!

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