Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland

There isn't much to tell about our day at Hong Kong Disneyland. She was very excited to see Mickey and Minnie, so we got in line, but when we got up close, she was not a fan. We collected some character stickers from various employees, bought a stuffed Minnie Mouse with the year and name of the park on it, and wandered around looking at the sights. 

By the time we got to It's a Small World, she had fallen asleep, but I enjoyed the ride. When she woke up, we stopped for lunch-I got roast duck leg with rice and Chinese vegetable (that's what they called it, I don't know what it was).  

 Then we wandered into Toy Story Land since we don't have that here. We went on the Slinky Dog ride, which went faster than I thought it would and she hated it :( I thought since she loves music, she would enjoy the Small World Ride while awake, but after one scary ride, she was done. It was still a great day though, everything was clean and the people were friendly, I didn't have to worry about fending for myself in the big city.
 These guys were so fun!
 The view from the subway station on Lantau island on the way back

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