Monday, March 18, 2013

Wintry Easter Egg Hunt

Good old Michigan! Last year this past weekend was hot. We ate our meals outside, the kids wore t-shirts and shorts.This year, snow!

A friend of ours put on a really fun egg hunt and pot luck and even though it was wet and snowy and cold, we still had a blast!

Digging in the snow for an egg

There was a game where kids had to eat a marshmallow peep from a string without using their hands. My friend was so thoughtful and made sure there was a dye free sucker for Journey to have. Marshmallow peeps, even the white ghosts at Halloween, as well as most regular white marshmallows have dye in them believe it or not! Either yellow or blue, supposedly to make them look a brighter white. Journey was so excited to get to participate!

Really...I have to do this??

This makes me think of a wild animal snapping at its prey

How did you do that, brother? Vivi got frustrated and needed some help, but eventually ate the whole peep

Then the bunny pointed the way to more games and prizes!
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