Wednesday, March 6, 2013

adoption update

We got our homestudy finished and sent it, along with our I800a application to the USCIS office in Texas the last week of January. A couple of weeks later we got our fingerprint appointments, and went in early to get them done because Eric had something going on on our appointment day and frankly, we don't want to waste a moment! We learned with Jeb's adoption that as long as you are in the system, you can go in early. Many adoptive families know the secret and pass it on to other waiting families.

Eric went in first while I sat with the kids. The employee was not thrilled and informed him that we can't just walk in whenever we feel like it. Then she informed him that if anyone comes in (to the big empty waiting room) he would have to wait for them. He let her know that his wife was waiting in the car and would she allow me to come in and she said "I can't make any promises".

When I went in I recognized her as the same unhappy lady who was annoyed when we went in early last time (because we went in early, Jeb came home a week before our fingerprint appointment). She gave me the same speech she gave Eric, then gave me the form to fill out. I filled it out, returned it, and didn't even make it to my seat before the lady in the back called me in. I was in and out in under 10 minutes too.

I understand honoring appointment times and if someone else was there, I would have had no problem waiting. But the entire room was completely empty. What do they care? She has to sit there at the desk whether people come in or not. I hope that by the next time we go back for fingerprints she'll have found a job that is less life-sucking and we can annoy someone else :)

The fingerprint office is in Detroit, the only beautiful building for blocks. One of the roads we went down had more boarded up collapsing houses than it had houses that seemed to have inhabitants. So so sad to see!

So now we wait for I800a approval, which goes out with the rest of our paperwork to be sent to Hong Kong. After it is approved we get approval to officially match with a child and start heading toward the court process and hopefully homecoming before Christmas!

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  1. I don't understand why people are so grumpy when you aren't really imposing on them. It's so weird!