Friday, March 29, 2013

Random happenings of March

Jeb's half birthday, we celebrated by singing 'happy half birthday to you' and the kids ate pear sauce (like applesauce, but pears) with sprinkles on top.

Even though it didn't go well last year, we still had some seeds left over so we decided to plant some inside and give it another shot.

Our new business venture/science lesson

We had these strange visitors in our yard, then they caused a scene crossing the street. My kids thought they were peacocks, the Jeb's friend across the street thought they were ostriches. I think they are some kind of crane, but you definitely don't see them around here! I hope they are making a nest in the woods behind our yard so we see them more often!

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  1. Those large birds are sandhill cranes! They have a very unique call. If you ever want to start seeds inside, ask Katie Flickinger for advice. She gave me all the advice I've needed and sent me some free seeds for my garden this year!