Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Time to get back to posting! I was trying to leave the post about our big news up at the top for awhile so everyone would get a chance to see it, but now I'm behind on blogging :)

Thanksgiving morning we stayed in our pajamas all morning, which was very very funny to the kids. It was even more fun because they were wearing their favorite pajamas. Jeb and Vivi both needed new, bigger pajamas and both picked the same ones with construction trucks. So of course we got a matching one for Journey too. Truck pajama night is the best night of the week around here!

We watched the parade

Eric made a big breakfast and they got to eat while watching tv, which was very exciting

Then we made turkey crafts

Then after lunch and quiet rest time it was finally time to get dressed and go to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house. They clean up good, don't they?

We got there just in time for me to carve the turkey, under Grandpa's close supervision

Jebby's first Thanksgiving, he gets the drumstick!

My cousin put paper on the wall with markers for everyone to write what they are thankful for. Vivi said she is thankful for a happy heart, Journey is thankful for Halloween and Thanksgivings (she kept getting confused and wishing people a Happy Halloween :) and Jeb is thankful for Aunt Janelle, Thanksgiving, and Halloween too!
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