Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve, our traditions and surprises

Christmas has always been a holiday full of traditions, and this year we were able to start some new ones, as well as pass on one from my own childhood.

Since Eric and I got engaged, we have spent Christmas Eve with Eric's extended family, before heading to church for the Christmas Eve service. This year we were getting ready to go to Eric's aunts house when we discovered that our basement had flooded. Our sewer backed up and wasn't draining. So instead of traditional Christmas Eve food, we grabbed McDonalds on our way to buy some Drano and some other drain supplies. BUT at least we made it to church for the service!

The kids playing 'jingle bells' during the Christmas Eve service. They also had a little skit that the kids performed, Jeb was a shepherd and the girls were sheep.

When we got home, it was time to pass on one of my favorite holiday traditions, the Christmas Eve treasure hunt! Every year since I can remember, my dad put a bunch of clues around the house that always ended with us opening matching Christmas pajamas-my mom's plan to make sure we looked cute for pictures on Christmas morning. As we got older, the clues got harder. We usually had to make a few phone calls to get clues, always to different phone numbers, but it didn't take us long to realize they were always to the same uncle, their home phone, cell phone, and my aunt's office phone. But we enjoyed it and played along anyway. The Christmas after I got my license we were so excited to have clues spread out all over town! Just me and my sister driving around. My dad always went to 7-11 and we had to say something ridiculous to the cashier (and hope there weren't any other customers around!) and he always prepaid so after we got our clue we would get slurpees. He involved neighbors, family friends, and clues stashed around town. We actually enjoyed it into adulthood, but last year it got to be too hard for us to traipse around town with kids in tow, so we retired our game and this year we got to pass it on to the next generation!

We had been doing a daily Christmas countdown, so the very last can had the first clue in it.

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