Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Journey's hand surgery

Journey's next hand surgery is tomorrow! It should be her last hand surgery, but unfortunately she will be having another surgery in January to find and hopefully fix her sleep apnea. She is so excited for this surgery because it will give her 5 fingers on her right hand. She has noticed that there are 'two in there' and is excited at the idea of 5 fingers.

This surgery is also significant in that Jeb has started to understand what surgery means. He asked about how the doctor will give her 5 fingers, so I told him a very basic version. He shook his head and said "No, that would hurt her!" I told him about anesthesia, that it is a special medicine that makes her take a long nap and doesn't feel anything. He smiled at me like I was joking and said "no way!" I still don't think he believes me. But Journey's excitement has eased his mind a little. I can't wait to post the after pictures!!

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