Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vivi's 2 year check-up

Because of our trip and wanting Vivi to get the Hep-A vaccine before we go, we scheduled her 2 year check up a little early. Even so, my big girl weighed in at 26.2 lbs (50th %) and is 34.5 inches tall (75th %) !!! She did have an afro today so she may be slightly shorter than that but we tried to get the measuring stick through her hair ;)

At Vivi's 1st dr's appointment she was in the 3rd % for weight and 36th % for height, and the doctor (whom I LOVE, she is amazing) assured me that she was totally healthy, she just might be a petite girl. Looking at her now you would never guess that she wore preemie clothes for the first 6 weeks of her life!

She is also developmentally ahead in all areas and wasn't afraid to show off for the doctor. When Dr. P showed her the stethoscope and said she was going to listen to her heart and her belly, Vivi started naming off other body parts for her to check. She also told the doctor of her love for brussels sprouts (I mentioned this morning that I was going to make for dinner and she is very excited) and showed off how she can open doors by trying to escape the exam room. Dr. P was very pleased with her development. 

Then it was time for shots. 2 nurses came in to do one on each side. They are super super nice at this place and let you hold your child rather than pinning them down on the exam table. I brought a sucker for the occasion, and she was fine until they actually did the shots (being careful how I describe it so Eric doesn't pass out when he reads this :p ) and then she was pretty upset. After she calmed down, she showed everyone in the office her sucker and said 'buh-bye'. Her treat for being so brave was going to eat french fries. We had a nice little mommy-daughter (and Tiana) date.

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