Monday, April 4, 2011

Update on the new house

This is a big week for our new house, things are really going to start happening now! Up until now, all the work being done was de-constructing; the carpets, flooring, cabinets, sinks, toilet, etc all came out, leaving the house basically a shell. We did get a new furnace put in, but everything else in the house came out.

This week, they are working on the plumbing, gas, and electrical stuff, AND putting in tile in the bathroom and in the back room/den where there is a side door/mud room area and the wood burner will go there too. Once they successfully have heat in the house, they can use their machine to take off all the wall paper.

We have had a lot of decisions to make, a lot goes into a house! We are planning on living here for a looong time so we spent a lot of time making selections. It seemed like just when we finally came to a decision on one thing, we had to decide on something else!

Last week we met with a kitchen designer who redesigned the layout of the kitchen from the way it originally was. It was soo cool, we got to tell her what we wanted out of the kitchen and she had a computer program that she could move things around and find the right products for us. Once we had the layout picked, we got to look at samples of wood for the cabinets. Luckily we'd had the catalog beforehand so we had an idea of what we wanted. To help us choose a color, we brought along the flooring sample we liked and got some advice from the designer. After we chose a cabinet style and color, we looked at countertops and picked one we liked. I felt relieved, we had floors, cabinets, and countertops, our kitchen would be complete, right? Wrong! Next we looked at pictures of kitchen sink styles. Then faucet styles. Then faucet colors! Things that I didn't even think about but are obviously necessary to have a functioning kitchen.

We spent 2 hours at Lowes this weekend picking tile colors for the bathroom and the back room. While we were there we also picked the cabinet and countertop colors we liked to get us ahead of the game this time. And then we looked at paint. I can't even tell you how much time I've spent looking at paint samples. So far, I have a general color in mind for the kitchen, living room, and our bedroom. Still not sure about the bathroom or the den. Or the kids' rooms. We're going to let Vivi pick a color for the girls' room, not sure what we're doing for the boy's room. I'm pretty excited about the colors we picked so far, I think it's going to look really nice.

Hopefully I'll get some before/during pictures posted today, and then after this week there will be more progress and more pictures to add!

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  1. Kitchen countertops that will be an end-grain butcher block style top. This is for an island that has a range in the center with the countertop going around the three sides. The rest of the kitchen has hard maple and padauk long-grain countertops and this island will stand out with the end-grain butcher block pattern.