Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Her own cheer leader

Washing Vivi's hair has been a hassle lately. One stray stream of water in her eye and suddenly I'm killing her if I try to put the cup near her head. She LOVES baths, requests one almost every day, but we only wash her hair 2-3 times a month, so not often enough for her to get used to it I guess. When I pick up the cup I use to put water in her hair and announce that it's time to wash her hair, she screams anything from "all done", "potty", "eat!" to "nonono" which of course breaks my heart. We've tried using different cups, letting her stand in the shower, nothing helps.

Today after the conditioner was already in her hair, I told her it was time to rinse her hair out. Once again the "all done, all done, nonono" started. I promised her I wouldn't let any water get in her eyes, and amazingly, she sat there calmly while I rinsed out her hair, and without her squirming, no water even got near her eyes. I was all excited and told her how brave she was and she looked a little bit proud of herself.

Then she picked up the cup, dumped some water over her head, and started chanting "we go Vivi! We go Vivi!" I'm thinking it may have been 'way to go Vivi'?

At least she's not lacking in self esteem :)

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