Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vivi's (almost) 18 month dr's visit

Today we had Vivi's 18 month appointment at the doctor's office. She's not a big fan of the doctor's office...everything from the temperature wand that sits on her temple for 2 seconds to the measuring tape that goes around her head is very traumatic. We have a WONDERFUL doctor and nurse who do everything they can to make it as easy for the little ones as possible-they let me cuddle her while they do the exam and I can rock her and give her a bottle during her shots, rather than trying to make her stay on the exam table. It's a lot less traumatic for both of us that way :)

Her official 18 month stats are:
32 inches tall-68%
22 pounds-20%

That's the highest percentile she's ever been for weight, she's really catching up to the other kids her age, which we have definitely noticed at playgroups. She got one shot, for polio, and I'm pretty sure she cried more at having the measuring tape around her head.

After her appointment, she got to pick out and eat a sucker (blue of course) and then we drove home to lounge on the couch and watch Sesame Street. Not a bad day, overall!

I'll end this post with a cute picture of my princess!

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