Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Orchard

We went to the apple orchard with my parents a couple of weeks ago. It was a chilly day but we had fun and picked lots of apples. Jenavieve had trouble pulling them from the tree, but once they were off she knew just what to do with them. We probably brought home a dozen apples with tiny little bites taken out of them. After buying the apples, we went across the street to the cider mill. Jenavieve loved the conveyor belt that brought the apples in to carried them to the press. There was a looong line for cider and donuts, and they were having a hard time keeping up with the crowd. They were literally taking donuts as soon as they came out of the machine and putting them in bags. They were too hot to touch! It was Jenavieve's first donut and she loved it and ate the whole thing! There were too many cute pictures to put on this page, so I made an album, you can find it at the end of the post :)

Besides eating lots and lots of apples, we have also made and canned applesauce and carmel apple jam (with mom's help of course!). I think an apple crisp may be on the menu for tonight, although we don't have any vanilla ice cream...we may need a quick trip to the store!

And now, for your reminiscing pleasure, the this year's 'how tall this fall' picture and last year's. What a difference a year makes at her age!

Apple Orchard 2010
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