Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my latest hair inspiration

I mentioned in the South Carolina trip post about Kapri's cousin's daughter Gianna being close in age to Vivi, but her mom is much better at hair than I am and both times we have seen her she has inspired me to try something new in Vivi's hair. This past time, she had a bunch of tiny zig-zagging cornrows all over her head with beads at the ends, and in the back were 2 rows of beads. I thought it looked simple enough and would give me something else to do with the hair in the back that is getting much longer but isn't quite caught up to the rest of the hair yet.

A lot of people have been asking lately how difficult it is to do her hair or how I did it, so I'm going to start explaining in a little more detail what I do with her hair. If it doesn't interest you, feel free to skip past it ;)

I combed and parted the back of her hair away from the top (which this time I did in twists), and divided it into a top layer and a bottom layer. Then took a small strand and twisted it all the way to the end, then used a tool called a beader to slide the beads on, and repeated through the rest of them. I had no idea that her hair in back was THAT long since it is usually so tightly curled...I started with 5 beads on the beader and quickly discovered that I needed more! Each strand has between 7 and 10 beads, with a clip at the end to hold the hair. There are 20 strands.

It didn't take too long to do since there isn't any fancy finger work involved. She likes the way it clicks when she shakes her head, and I like that I can hear her wherever she goes! I started with the pink, purple, and white beads and left them in for about 5 days. Then I took each strand of beads out individually, untwisted it, sprayed it with a detangling spray, combed through it, rubbed in a leave in conditioner called hair milk, and then put in a new set of colored beads, going for a more Halloween look.

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  1. Ok, IM LOVING this! I am so going to do this for Maya tonight! I hadnt realized how simple this would be. I have all the beads, and the beader, but never thought to just put the beads over small twists! Thanks very much Jasmine! Ill show a pic when Im done with Mayas. and I have a feeling Im going to have to use a LOT more than 10 beads ;) .. as Maya's hair is actually quite long, when not curled up!