Monday, April 19, 2010

A summary of last week

We're having some problems with the easy picture uploader again so I've had to upload pictures to the blog the long way...which means I haven't been on top of it this past week. Sooo, here is a compact version of our lives since I last posted.

Vivi started being able to stand on her own for long periods of time

Had her first ride on a Meijer horse

Spent some more time with her cousins before they went back to Ohio

Took her first steps

Took a few spills...more spills than steps actually ;)

and hung out with Aunt Janelle

Between that there were library story times and play dates and trips to the park and lots of family fun! We've also hit a couple of Mom to Mom sales, which are usually in churches or schools, and moms can rent a space to sell their old kids' clothes and toys and other baby items. We've been very successful with them and made some awesome finds. Lots of nice name brand clothes and shoes, wood toys, and other fun stuff for super cheap. Eric is really good at bartering and always gets us even better deals. We're going to be in trouble though because Jenavieve has started picking out toys that she wants. On Friday she reached into a bin and picked out an Elmo purse that opens and closes and she'll just sit and open and close it over and over. Not bad for a quarter!

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