Thursday, April 1, 2010

Play date at the park

Today we had our first of what I know will be MANY play dates at the park. One reason I know this is because we have another one this evening with Janelle and the boy she nannies for and one tomorrow with Vivi's friend Cammie, and it's just the first week of April!

Today's play date was with the June Bugs, which is made up of stay at home moms (and a dad) with babies born last spring/summer. It is so fun to see so many babies so close in age and see how different they are. Christian was crawling all over the grass, shredding leaves and chewing on sticks, but Jenavieve squeals if she so much as gets near any of those things. She was content on the blanket and up on the play structure, but I tried to get her to touch a tree or sit on the grass and she was clinging to me. She wouldn't even walk (with me holding her hands) on the grass with shoes on, she was fine on the pavement but I tried to veer off and she wouldn't step onto it! Hopefully that won't last long...

Anyway, I got some really cute pictures to share, I love outdoor pictures!

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