Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big girl!

Jenavieve had her 1 year doctor's appointment yesterday. We decided to do it the week before so that her birthday week will be all fun. Can you believe her birthday is in a week???

The doctor wanted her to be 19 pounds by her 1st birthday. We didn't quite make it...her stats are

Weight 18.3 lbs (13%) Length 30 inches (93%)!

So she didn't make it to 19, but she is in a higher percentile (she was 7th last time). Dr. P said no big deal, just keep giving her the good fats. (I love her by the way, everyone local should go to her!) She also said she's developmentally right on track with her movement and language, and that we're good to start decreasing her formula intake to be replaced with more food and whole milk.

Other new things she's doing this month:
-knows what 'shake it' and 'jump' mean and will shake the toy she's holding or bend her knees and 'jump' (she doesn't actually get off the ground).
-crawling faster
-climbing, she can crawl up the whole flight of stairs with no trouble. We've also started laying out the couch cushions on the floor in different positions and she loves to climb around on them.
-she can climb up and down from the bed, and when she's done napping, she climbs down, crawls to the door, pulls herself up, and tries to reach the doorknob. When that doesn't work, she bangs on the door and I'll hear her and let her out.
-says "ight" for light and "duh" for dog. She also 'says' baby, dolly, and flowers, but they all sort of sound the same. Most of her words start with D right now, but she does say the same thing consistently
-claps, when a song ends, or when she sees us making her a bottle
-growls at her toy bear, and makes a growly sound at her toy Cookie Monster because of his raspy voice
-responds to 'touch your nose'. She touches the space between her lips and nose but close enough!
-waves and says hi to interesting strangers in public
-gets very concerned when another child is crying. We were out with her friend Cammi who is a day younger than her, and when Cammi fell and bit her lip, Jenavieve looked very upset and even let out a few fake whines
-walks holding just one hand
-blows kisses
-loves water! If I'm taking a shower she gets very upset that I'm having all the water fun without her. I've started letting her sit and play on the floor of the tub while I shower. She gets water all in her face and doesn't care, she just likes to splash

Wow that's a long list of accomplishments! Now we're off to finish planning her birthday party. We're very excited, my grandma is flying up from Florida, and Jenavieve's birthmom Kapri is flying up with her 2 kids. We're excited for everyone to meet her! It will be a busy week with people in town visiting so I want to get everything done this week so I can relax and enjoy being with family.

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  1. How cute! What an update! Happy first birthday to Jenavieve!