Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures from Dayton

While I wait for Jenavieve to decide to be tired after our adventure this weekend, I got the pictures up since I know some of you are dying to see them (AC!) We had a really good time visiting Eric's sister and her family in Dayton. The babies were so cute together, and Vivi loves playing with all of her cousins.

We spent most of the time playing at the house, but we did make a trip out to a local ice cream shop that was giving out free Italian ices for the 1st day of spring. They had lots of flavors, I got s'mores flavor, which actually tasted a lot like s'mores, similar to the toasted marshmallow Jelly Belly. It was very sweet though, Eric had to help me finish it. We also sampled the limited time Peeps flavored ice (the chicken shaped marshmallow treat). It was bright yellow and super sweet, so we decided that a taste of it was plenty.

Here is the link to the pictures, I put captions on a lot of them to explain the pictures :)

March visit to Dayton

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