Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye for now Linus :(

On Friday night our June Bugs play group had a going away party for a family in the group that is moving to Washington (Wallawalla, Washington to be exact, that's fun to say!) It was a surprise party but because of an accident on 696 and a woman who stalled out and wouldn't let Eric help her off the road. She didn't speak much English but insisted that it happened all the time and she just had to sit for 5 or 10 minutes and it would work again...meanwhile the already slow traffic is practically stopped while people try to get around her on the narrow shoulder...anyway...we ended up 45 minutes late to the party, but Tara, Steve, and Linus had been successfully surprised. We're going to miss them but hopefully we'll see them around Christmas.

We had pizza and cake and the kids played. Here is Vivi with her friends Isabelle, Madysen, and Linus. She and Madysen were taking turns poking each other and smiling, and then Vivi and Linus ended up in a tug of war over that little red and blue Cars wallet that ended in tears when Madysen rolled over on top of it and it disappeared from view. It was pretty funny.

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