Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grandma's birthday party

Last night we went out to celebrate Eric's grandma's birthday. We went to 2booli, which used to be LaShish. Yummy Middle Eastern food! Then we went back to Eric's mom's for dessert, which hadn't been planned until we were texting back and forth with Brandon under the table at the restaurant. We said we would pick up a pie, and while we were there we grabbed some Meijer brand vanilla ice cream. When we got back, Brandon and Allison weren't there, so we called them, afraid we had miscommunicated and would end up with 2 pies, but they were getting ice cream at Cold Stone. We left the pie in the entry way and snuck the ice cream in the freezer to take home for later, figuring nobody would want that when there was Cold Stone. When Brandon and Allison got there, we found a candle and sang and started serving dessert. Grandma was excited about the Cold Stone and someone said something about it being 'the good stuff' for her birthday. Grandma said "yeah if you had shown up here with that off brand junk, you'd have been out the door!" which left the rest of us cracking up because she was the only one who didn't notice us sneaking the 'off brand junk' into the freezer. When we explained she of course felt bad, but she's not going to live that one down for awhile :)

Jenavieve had been shy at the restaurant but warmed up when it was just the family, especially when she discovered that if she went to them, they would give her pie!

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