Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zoo with the kids

I just realized I never posted pictures from my first zoo trip with the kids this year. It was a little chilly but the zoo was practically empty. The kids got to be the first ones in the zoo (it was a really big deal) and the animals were really active. There were a lot of volunteers there and since we were practically the only people, everyone spent lots of time teaching the kids about the animals and answering all of their questions. We got to watch them feed the penguins and spend lots of time in Amphibiville, which is what the boys were most excited about. They had the new baby giraffe in a special building and we got to spend a lot of time in there. He seemed to like the kids, he kept coming over and putting his head down near them. Actually, a lot of the animals looked toward us, Kaylee thought they all liked her. Check out the picture of the seal, he was laying like that the whole time and kept waving at us!

Jabari the baby Giraffe

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