Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Easter Weekend

Last week was a big family week! Amanda, Anya, and Asia came up from Ohio on Wednesday and we went to the zoo on thursday with Eric's mom and grandma, and Brandon and Allison. I didn't take my camera but you can see pictures at Amanda's blog

That night Aunt Chris and Uncle Howard flew in from Pennsylvania and on Friday we made homemade ravioli. It was a bit of an adventure, and maybe too much work for how quickly they disappeared, but they were really yummy! 

Saturday Amanda and the girls left, and after working the Easter egg hunt at church, we picked up Aunt Chris and Uncle Howard and brought them to our house to meet the cats, who thoroughly enjoyed the attention and acted like they never get love from us! Then we went and picked up Grandma and met Brandon and Allison and Eric's parents in Hamtramck for Polish food, yum!

Sunday was Easter. We had to be at church really early for praise band practice and breakfast before Sunday school and service. Pastor's wife Connie started singing with me, I love having 2 part songs, its so much better sounding than just plain old me! After church we went to my parents for the day. Jenny, who lives with my parents, and her boyfriend Jordan were there, and mom's friend Casey (Kasey?) brought her boyfriend Mario. Janelle and Ryan were of course there too. We had a big lasagna dinner, and then all the guests left to go to other Easter festivities, and Janelle's best friend Whitney stopped by to color eggs and then find our baskets, it was nice enough outside to hide them outside, and then had a few rounds of extreme egg hunting. Whitney had to go, and then we played a game I got in my basket called Slap n Grab (yes, there were a lot of jokes!). It was really fun, but a little dangerous!

It was a really busy but really fun weekend!

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  1. It was great being able to spend some time with you guys - we had a blast. Playing with your gorgeous babies made us want our own even more. But you forgot to mention patiently following me around Penzy's while I sniffed every jar in the place!