Friday, March 20, 2009

Painting the nursery

We had been given some money for Christmas to go toward putting together the nursery, so today we went over to the North Cromwell Paint store and got some paint. While they mixed the paint, we made friends with one of the cats that lives there, he was so cute!

We're really happy with the way it turned out, we ended up deciding on Benjamin Moore's Sweet Honeydew Melon, its kind of a pastel or minty green, its really pretty!

We also went to Ikea last week and got furniture for the nursery, that is our project for the rest of the weekend, so check back soon for more pictures!

And on the adoption front, we have been presented to a few potential birthmoms these past few weeks, which means that an agency has a situation, and they ask us if it is one we are interested in. If we are, they show our profile to the potential birthmom. Our profile has information about us, and a few pictures. The potential birthmom looks at all the profiles she is given and can pick one to be the potential adoptive parents.

I say potential because nothing is certain in an adoption until all the legal paperwork is filed. Even if we become matched with a birthmom, she can still decide to parent her baby until she signs the paperwork that terminates her parental rights to the child. Depending on the state the baby comes from, this could mean that we could bring a baby home as temporary guardians and then have to return the baby to its mother if she decides to parent. While this can be a sad situation, we know that it is in the best interests of everyone involved and that clearly would not be the baby we are meant to have.

We'll try to keep answering everyone's questions as we get them to keep everyone on the same page as we go on this journey to bringing our baby home.

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