Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day and adoption update

Our not so big plans of Wii Fit contests and chinese food on Valentine's day were postponed by my being sick all last week. I think I got all of the colds that I avoided getting from the kids all winter, all in one week.

I broke vegetarian month once again because all that sounded good the whole week were chicken nuggets and Lipton extra noodle soup. I also drank a lot of tea, but that stopped sounding good on Monday, and the rest of the week was just a necessity. Eric was so good, he was able to take over most of the household chores on top of working and making soup for me. He even looked at the Hiller's and Busch's circulars and made a shopping list! 

Eric felt bad that our plans were ruined and that I was spending the week laying in bed, so he bought Mario Kart for the wii, which is really fun, and a great way to keep my mind off of being sick. It took me awhile to learn, but I was beating Eric in no time! Unfortunately, after our daily evening tournaments these past few days, I have been stricken with 'Mario Thumb' (from pushing down on the 'go' button too hard in the stress of the last lap in too many races)

In other news, we FINALLY received our adoption homestudy on Friday. That means that we are officially approved to adopt, and are now waiting for a match. We think we've decided on a paint color for the soon to be nursery too, if you're curious, you can look up Behr Topiary Tint. (We're actually using Benjamin Moore, but the Home Depot Color Matcher uses Behr colors)

Eric has been asking me to make homemade baked macaroni and cheese for awhile, and I'm finally feeling well enough to cook again, so I'm going to try that tonight. If it turns out, I'll put it on my recipe blog! We made the garlic broccoli pasta again, this time with a smaller pasta, and no tomatoes since we didn't have any. Its such a quick and tasty meal! Definitely one we'll be making more often.

I think thats all the update there is for now, off to finish catching up on the laundry (its amazing how much builds up when you don't do it for a week!)

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  1. Congratulations on the adoption approval. We are anxiously awaiting some exciting news from you guys:)

    Have fun finishing up the nursery.