Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nursery furniture!

We mostly have the nursery furniture set up. It didn't take too long to put together (love Ikea's easy to follow booklets!) but then we spent a lot of the evening moving things around (and by we, I mean Eric, hehe). I'm pretty sure they're where I want them now, but we're not attaching anything to the wall for a few days so I can be sure. Then we'll anchor the furniture and hang the art and we'll be good to go!

The big thing with wood leaning on it is a wardrobe, but the instructions say to anchor it to the wall before putting the doors on since they're so heavy. It will also have 2 drawers on the bottom right.

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  1. Where is the crib? =) I hope you guys get a baby by October, that's when our next one is coming =) That would be cute to have cousins the same age.