Monday, June 16, 2008

Poor Kitties

We got Kya and Zoe spayed on Thursday. They came through fine, and when we went to pick them up, our vet called us into the back room and said she wanted to show us something. There they were, laying so quietly together, so calm. She said "I thought you should see this now, since it won't last". She was right. As soon as we got them home and out of their crates, they started pulling at their stitches, so Eric watched them while I ran back up to the vet (luckily its only 2 minutes away) and got some cones for them to wear. They were not thrilled.

They have been healing well. Kya has been a little slower, but maybe she's the normal one, because the same day of her surgery, Zoe was running and jumping all over the place, being her usual trouble making self. Then last night, we noticed that even though she had her cone on, Zoe had discovered a position in which she could still reach the bottom stitch, and it was all puffed up. So this morning we took her back in, and they checked her incision and gave her an even bigger cone! Their stitches have to stay in until the 23rd, and since they keep picking, they're going to have to keep the cones on until then.

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  1. Those look like some mighty cranky kittens! What a face that Zoe has!