Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eric's birthday

I could wait for Eric to post about his birthday, but it might be awhile.

On Saturday night we went out with his best friends, Vlad and Larry, and Vlad's girlfriend Brittney. They went out to dinner while I babysat, and then I met them at 5th Avenue in Novi. I was the driver so I didn't drink, except for one shot called a Jolly Rancher that was really good! I don't know what was in it but when Larry ordered it he asked for the girliest shot they had. It tasted like the strawberry jolly ranchers!

I don't even know what all of the drinks Eric had were, but the first picture below is of the guys doing a Jagerbomb, which he said he really liked.

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  1. Happy Birthday Eric, Many more. Love Grandma Ruth