Monday, May 21, 2007


Our shower was amazing!!! Grandma Ruth came up from Florida and she, Aunt Karen, Adam, Amy, and one of my bridesmaids, Kelley, were all at the church with my parents on Saturday to decorate. It looked beautiful! Jaimie and Jenna spent Saturday night so they could be there to help, and all of the bridesmaids were there to make the sandwiches and finish doing all of the food stuff. It was so fun having everyone together! Its nice to know that there is a big group of girls there to help me whenever I need it. 54 people came to the shower, and it was so much fun! We got so many great gifts, I can't wait to put them in the new house! Aunt Ann Marie coordinated a recipe collection in everyone's invitation so I got a recipe from almost everyone, I'm really excited to try all of them! I even got Grandpa Bob's latke recipe, and my Great Grandma Rose's meatball recipe!

The dentist on Thursday was no big deal, I was nervous because I had never had a cavity that required a shot and numbing and stuff, but it wasn't bad...I got 3 shots but none of them hurt, and it was weird to not be able to move half of my mouth...I accidentally bit my cheek a couple of times but not too hard. And I love my dentist so much, she's so nice! I hope she's on our new insurance...

Eric was sick and then I ended up getting sick on friday and saturday morning so we haven't made it to see Shrek yet :(

But today is the walk through for our condo!!! I'm so excited to see it again! We close on Friday and Eric is moving in then. Uncle Rick and Aunt Laura have offered to help us paint, and they painted their house so they're experts.

I'm so glad we have so many family members and friends that are there to help us with everything we do. We couldn't do any of this without all of you!!!

We'll post shower pictures either today or tomorrow so check back!

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