Monday, May 14, 2007

The crazy life

Since May hit, things are just going going going. Our calendar has at least one thing in it for just about every day right up to the wedding. Just a reminder of our countdown, for those who can't believe how soon everything is already:

The shower is this Sunday! I can't believe that, they started planning it forever ago!
We close on the condo next Friday (the 25th) and Eric is moving in
My Grandma is throwing a small shower next Saturday for close family and a few of her friends to wish me well. We also hope to paint the condo that weekend...any volunteers to help?
June 3rd we are meeting our photographers for a photoshoot that lets us get to know them and their photography style. I thought that was a very nice idea. As if there won't be enough pictures of us this summer, right?

And in the midst of all of this, Sam is due June 2nd. We started a baby poll a couple of weeks ago so everyone could guess when she'll have him. As long as its not this week or she'll miss the shower she's been planning for so long! I picked May 29th so that his birthday will be a month before mine.

Eric's Grandma gave us a hand crank ice cream machine, it makes the best ice cream ever! We had some last night and I've been thinking about it all day! Look out, wedding diet! Too bad there isn't a good way to make low fat ice cream in it. We looked :(

On Thursday I have to go get a couple of little cavities filled, I'm a little nervous about that, I haven't had a filling done in years! So this week is funny because I want the week to go by quickly so I can get to the shower, but I also want it to go slowly because I don't want to go to the dentist. Its just one thing to get through though, so it will be fine.

I'm almost done working every day too, which I know will be nice because I'll have lots more time to get stuff done, but I always miss being there with the kids every day. (for those who don't know, the mom I work for is a teacher so in the summer's I only work a couple of days a week, and I don't have to get there as early in the morning) Since I started in the summer with them, this will be my third summer working for them. I can't believe how long its been! So it will work out nicely, I will be done working every day not long after Sam has her baby, so I can be there to help her out during the day and we can get all of the wedding plans done together.

I'm so excited for this summer!!!

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