Saturday, December 28, 2013

Epcot and Downtown Disney

This is a perfect picture of how Vivi coped with the trip. We carry that backpack with us wherever we go to help her with situations that are new/loud/crowded, or for when she's feeling hyper or hypo sensitive. In her backpack is a pair of headphones, which she's actually wearing in this picture, a couple of chewy tubes, which you'll see in a couple of pictures throughout the trip, some sensory brushes and a koosh ball for when she needs the calming sensory input they give her. We also carry extra changes of clothes for her because she can't stand to get wet, so if she's washing her hands and gets water on her sleeve, she may need to change her whole outfit to feel right again. She uses the stroller with the shade down in front of her face when she's feeling overwhelmed. All of that has become second nature to us, it looks like a lot to type it all out!

After running around Epcot for a little bit, we took a boat to a hotel, and then took a bus to Downtown Disney to meet my grandma and grandpa who live in Florida. We went to lunch, where the kids got fancy light up cups

Then they took the kids shopping for their Hanukkah presents. Jeb's came from the Lego store, of course!

And the girls picked gifts from one of the Disney emporium shops. Journey got a giant Dumbo pillow, and Vivi got a Small World doll that sings It's a Small World in English and Japanese. So if you're keeping track, we have 2 of those singing dolls. And it's very easy to accidentally cause them to start singing ;)

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