Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Disney Trip: The Plane

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year and took us and my sister's family to Disney to celebrate! We thought it would be a good idea if we all met at my sister's house the night before and ride out together. It turned out not to be a great idea because the kids didn't sleep and it turned out to be a night of very little sleep for everyone, and we had to leave for the airport at 6am. It didn't take too long to get 6 adults and 4 small children through security and we had plenty of time to hang out before boarding.

Jeb was SO excited to see our plane! He wanted to hold his bladder so that he could make sure to use  the plane's bathroom, but we eventually convinced him to go before we got on, and of course he had to use it on the plane too :)

Journey looked so cute in her own big seat like a big girl! She thoroughly enjoyed every part of it, from opening and closing the windows, to getting pop and a cookie from the flight attendant, to taking off and landing. She had a few funny moments-the plane pulled away from the airport and went to get in line to take off, and when it stopped in line, Journey said "Now we are at Disney World!". When the flight attendant gave her Sprite and a cookie, Journey gasped and said "That's so special!" and then when we were getting off the plane, the flight attendant pointed Journey out to the pilot and told him the story :)

Jeb loved every part of the flight and spent most of his time staring out the window. Vivi did better than I expected, and luckily took a nap for the second half of the flight. After we got to the Orlando airport, we grabbed a quick lunch and then got in the loong line for the Disney shuttle to go to our hotel, where we waited an hour and a half to check in because of some miscommunications. The kids got some money for a couple of family members to spend, so we had been browsing the gift shop and then wandered around the hotel campus. As an apology for such a long wait, they gave all the girls a stuffed Minnie Mouse and Jeb a stuffed Mickey, and the girls got princess coloring books while Jeb got a little Mickey car. We also ended up in a closer building than we were going to, so it ended up working out alright :)

Finally we were headed for the bus to our first visit to the Magic Kingdom!
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