Monday, August 12, 2013

July Randoms

I had this post all typed up and ready to post, and as I hit publish, the program crashed and I lost everything. I haven't had the will to redo it until today, so here are the random pictures and stories from the month of July that didn't need their own whole post.

Jeb was sitting at the table doing school work (we school year round, but that's another post) and Journey had joined him with her paper and crayons. At one point she dropped a crayon and went down to get it, but I was unloading the dishwasher so when she wasn't sitting at the table anymore I assumed she had just wandered off without my noticing. A few minutes later I thought the house was too quiet and she was getting into something, so I called her name. Jeb very nonchalantly pointed down at the bench next to him and said "she's right here." I'm not sure which one of them is sillier, Journey for falling asleep on the bench, or Jeb watching her do it and not thinking anything of it!

The white chicken on the right, Dorothy, started laying eggs for us in July!

2 more roosters joined our freezer.

Jeb has been taking swim lessons and has been doing great!

His swim teacher also has a kayak and taught him to paddle. He was too nervous to go anywhere this time but can't wait to try again.

Vivi got a Chewy Tube from OT (occupational therapy). Some kids with sensory processing disorders benefit from chewing, and it has been great for Vivi!

Journey took a dance day camp the last week of July and had a very cute little performance at the end of the week. Journey LOVES dance, and has been begging to take both ballet and tap this fall. When the schedule came out, it worked out that it would fit into our schedule, and since Vivi chose not to take dance this year, it fit right into our budget.She is super excited to take 2 dance classes and have 2 recital dances. Dance may be her thing, she's already so passionate about learning and practicing her new movies, and she picks up new things so quickly. The first time she tagged along to watch Vivi's recital dance practice in the spring, she was able to do the dance along with Vivi after only seeing it a few times. I often look at Journey and think about the people who cared for her in Ethiopia, and how she was labeled as a special needs child who had an unknown future. If only they could see her now, talking and walking (her original paperwork suggested she may not walk) and DANCING and excelling at so many things!

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