Friday, August 30, 2013

A great end of summer day!

Today started with the last day of swim lessons for the summer. Journey quit pretty early on; with only one working eye and lack of depth perception, she is uncomfortable in any depth of water because she can't navigate the ground through the water.

Vivi made a lot of progress, and Jeb is a fish!

Jeb was trying to sit on the bottom of the pool like Eric

And the day ended with a trip to a local school parking lot to work with Jeb on riding with no training wheels. They've been off for a few days and we've practiced in the back yard, but today was his first wide open paved space to practice. Eric spent about 10 minutes running behind him, holding the seat to help him balance

Journey is working on the tricycle, but her legs are too short to really pedal. We're working on adding something to that tonight to help her, more on that next time.

And Vivi is a pro on her trike, but isn't a big fan of learning to ride a bike with training wheels.

Eric suddenly let go....

And Jeb kept going! Within minutes he was also going around curves without falling and could get himself going without help.

And is oh so pleased with himself :)
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