Monday, January 7, 2013

Melkam Genna!

Happy Ethiopian Christmas! January 7th is Ethiopia's Christmas Day. Christmas in Ethiopia is different than American Christmas, usually spent in church, feasting with family and friends, and playing games, singing, and dancing. Children may receive a small gift, often new clothes.

We celebrated Melkam Genna yesterday so we would have the whole day to spend as a family. We went to church in the morning, then went to the Hands On Museum and then to an Ethiopian restaurant to feast.

A traditional Ethiopian meal includes multiple stews and sauces served on a plate covered with injera, a spongy sour bread. The injera at this restaurant was not authentic, it was made of white flour and not the traditional teff, but it was still yummy. Many of the stews are spicy, while others are rich and savory. There wasn't anything on the injera tonight that I didn't like, and the kids all ate a little of everything too. All 3 of them like spicy food and are pretty adventurous eaters, which I think is a blessing in this chicken nugget world! That is not to say though, that given the option my kids won't eat their weight in chicken nuggets and french fries ;) Journey is funny, she'll take a bite of something very spicy, start panting, drink some water, then do it all over again.


Today also marks another special day in our family, the day Eric arrived in Ethiopia and reunited with Jeb for the first time as legal father and son!

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