Friday, January 4, 2013

Journey hand update

Journey's surgery went great, the doctor was really happy with the way the fingers separated. He needed to take a rather large skin graft from her thigh, which has actually been the biggest issue for her.  She did great at the hospital, a little nervous, but after we got the Versed in her she calmed down and got a little silly. We watched Sesame Street and when she started getting upset, I told her we would stop on the way home for something special. She said chocolate milk, so I said of course!  

After they took her back, I wondered if she would remember asking for chocolate milk after the surgery, especially since the Versed can have an amnesia effect. But not 2 minutes after waking up after surgery, she looked at her big cast and said "I want chocolate milk now!" :) We stopped at a McDonald's drive through to get it so we didn't have to go into a store.  When we got home, she started running around with Jeb and Vivi and pretty much acting normal. 

She wore a bulky temporary cast for a week, then we went back in to see the doctor to check on her fingers and the skin graft and then she got the more long-term, less bulky hard cast. Which was, of course, purple :)

As the skin graft heals, it has been uncomfortable, but we have an ointment we put on it that seems to help. She'll get the cast off in a couple of weeks, and is SO excited to see her 5 fingers! I'm pretty excited too :)

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