Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November zoo trip

We keep going to the zoo thinking it's our last nice day to go, and then we keep having more nice days!
Using the butterfly chart to try to find all the different butterflies

I think it's this one!

We got to see the big snake moving around, which was fun for most of us. It swam right up to Jeb and picked his head up to look right at him, that was a little creepy!

Vivi sat in the stroller to help protect Journey, who is still scared of most animals

Then they got a little goofy!

They've started to insist on a picture in front of the fountain every single time we go. I guess it's just not a trip to the zoo without hearing me yell "Hold still! Look at the camera! Don't put your head in there, it will get stuck!" ;)
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