Monday, November 26, 2012

M is for marshmallow, N is for noodles!

Every week in our homeschool curriculum is dedicated to a letter of the alphabet, and every week we do a craft relating to that letter. Usually they paint with something that starts with the letter we are learning about. This is our craft from the last 2 weeks, for M we used the extra large marshmallows as stamps to paint on our M.

For N we painted with cooked linguine noodles (or as Vivi kept calling them, 'green beany noodles' hehe) I've been making these up as we go so I wasn't sure how they would work but figured the kids would have fun anyway. They turned out really cute! Jeb is always very focused and likes to fill in his entire letter carefully, while the girls just put paint everywhere-a sign of both the age difference and their personalities. In so many ways Jeb and Vivi seem so close in age, but in things like fine motor skills, concentration, and being able to focus completing a task, the 20 month difference really shows. She's also more of a free spirit while Jeb is more organized and detail oriented.

After the pictures dry, we put them in binders so they will each have their own alphabet book to look through.

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