Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September, the month of firsts!

Vivi had her first day of Jazz/Tap class, which she is really enjoying!

Journey had her first day of 2 year old ballet! She was so jealous last year when Vivi was in dance and she wasn't, we had to stop taking her because she would have a fit in the hall because she wasn't allowed to go in. Now she has a class for herself and she owns it! The other 2 year olds are timid and shy still, but Journey is all about it and is doing great!

And Jeb had his first real soccer game! His team last year was just instructional, they didn't have games, so this was all new for him. He was really nervous at first but is doing great, he even got an assist (had an assist? He assisted someone in making a goal) this past weekend. My best friend's son is on the same team and the boys are enjoying that. Her son likes to yell "Camden and Jebby are the fastest!" and it's so cute to hear them cheering for each other :)

And then, the first night wearing fleece footie pajamas! They were SO excited to all  be wearing similar pajamas, they couldn't stop giggling.

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