Saturday, January 29, 2011

New House

We are homeowners again! The closing went well yesterday and we got the keys! All 3 of us went out to Troy to the title agency, and we had all kinds of distractions for Vivi- a Sesame Street dvd on my laptop, a baby doll, books, and some snacks (including special treats like a sucker and cookies) and she did really really well. They had some crayons and paper in the room so she was scribbling and telling our realtor and the closing lady what letters she had 'written'. It's cute-she'll make a little scribble then look you right in the eye and say "E" and then make another scribble and say "M". Maybe she's learning how to play 'teacher' from cousin Amy ;)

After an hour and a half we were out of there and went to Eric's parents' house to borrow a front door since they had just replaced theirs-our realtor said everyone in the area could have a copy of the current key so we should change it right away. Eric spent a half hour in the fading light (there is no electricity yet) trying to figure it out and then it ended up not fitting so he had to put the old one back on. My parents took us out for Chinese food to celebrate.

Today we went back over and my dad and Eric started taking up the carpet and rolling it up to put out by the road for the garbage trucks. My mom and I were able to rip down some of the wallpaper but Vivi really just wanted to play out in the snow.

The electricity will be turned on on Tuesday, but I'm not sure if we will have heat then. We can give tours to anyone that wants one but it's in pretty sad shape right now so I think the tour would be much more enjoyable later on ;) Our contractor said it should only take 3 months, tops, so we may be moving sooner than we thought!

ALSO-Eric did figure out a way to import the old blog into the new blog, so you can go back in time and view the archives if you wish.

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