Thursday, June 4, 2009

We have a 4 week old!

Yesterday Vivi was 4 weeks old, I can't believe it! And if the Wii Fit is right, she weighed 7.6 pounds last night! It was after a 3 ounce bottle, but that's still pretty big! She's still in preemie clothes, although she can wear newborn onesies now, they're just long and a little loose. 

I think she may also have smiled for the first time yesterday. I was kissing her face and smiling at her and suddenly she smiled and her eyes lit up and she looked actually happy, as opposed to the newborn mouth only smiles, but I couldn't get her to do it today. She does look amused a lot of the time though when we talk to her.

We took her to the library for the first time on Monday, we got 2 books for newborns that are the black/white contrast, she seems to enjoy looking at them, and then 2 classical cds, one Mozart and one with a variety of popular songs. 

She developed the sniffles a couple of days ago, I think because we turned on the heat for the first time in a couple of months to keep it above 70 in here. Thanks to facebook recommendations we picked up some Little Noses saline drops and set up the humidifier, and I spent the first night using the aspirator every 15 minutes, but it got better after that. 

Last night was the Pioneer Club end of the year program. It was really good, it was my first time back since Vivi, and all the teenage girls in my class were excited to see and hold Jenavieve. They begged to take her home with them, until I invited them over for her 3am feeding, then they were suddenly uninterested ;)

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  1. I would SO volunteer for the 3AM feedings, if it meant I got to hold her!!! From what I understand, we are going to have to be logged in throughout the day for class on Sunday... so, no trip downstate for us. :(
    I wish I could be there!!