Friday, November 28, 2008


On Wednesday night, Larry was in town, so he and Eric went out for guy's night at the bar, and I went to Sam's house for girl's night. We drank wine and hung out, then the boys met up with us. It was nice, we don't get to see Larry very often.

Thursday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, watched the parade, and then got started on the pies and rolls for dinner. I tried a completely new crust this year, it has supposedly won competitions! I made a pumpkin and an apple. We had a lot of extra apples and Uncle Rick can't have pie so I made some applesauce too. 

When we got to Aunt Karen's, Adam and Amy got to work rolling the dough and making the rolls, then there was the yearly Thanksgiving football game. Eric and Adam won the trophy.

Grandpa and I carved the turkey and we ate. Dinner was delicious, as usual!  Amy showed us the Thanksgiving crafts she did in school, and explained how buckskins were like text messages for the Native Americans to talk to each other.

After dinner, we played school and Amy was the teacher. She was a tough teacher too!

We went home and planned the next morning, started the coffee pot and went to bed, because... 3:30 we got up and went to Kohls! We met my mom there, and of course saw Belinda! We did some shopping, then my mom had to go to work, so we stayed in line to get her stuff and ours. We got a 6 qt crock pot for $10! Its Hamilton Beach so not the best brand but for $10 if it lasts a year we've gotten our money's worth! We grabbed a quick breakfast, then went to get in line at my mom's store to surprise her. We were first in line! Ok, there were like 7 people in the line, but I've never been first before! We got a few gifts for people, and a couple of things for ourselves, then headed out to the mall. We didn't need anything, but it was fun to be in the crazy shopping crowd. We went to Meijer for a couple of things, then back home because Eric had to go to work.

This evening we had Thanksgiving dinner #2 at Eric's parent's house. It was fun to see everyone, Anya and Asia were very cute. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving dinner #3 at my parent's house. Bring on the turkey!

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