Friday, November 7, 2008

Cat update

We've heard from a few people that we aren't updating enough on the cats. Maybe its because I'm in denial about how big they are :(

Ian just had his 2nd birthday the last week of October, they celebrated with some yummy wet food and lots of games and snuggles.

Kya and Zoe are almost a year old, and have suddenly had a major growth spurt. They are
 now almost the same size as Ian, and weigh as much as he does! Ian is anywhere from 9.5-10 pounds at any given time, and when we weighed the kittens the other day, they were both 9.5! 

Kiara has stayed her petite little 6.5 pound self, but she suddenly looks teeny since everyone else is so big!

Here is a picture of Ian and Zoe from February 6th. 

And here is Ian and Zoe the other day. (Ian is on the left)

Ian and Kya February 7th

Ian and Kya the other day

And this is Kiara, in her favorite sleeping position. 

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