Monday, July 14, 2008

A successful shower!

Yesterday, Belinda and I threw a baby shower for our friends Shante and Adam. It was so great! We went simple, just a couple of Its a Boy signs, flower bouquets on the tables, and I made little favors with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses wrapped in blue lacey stuff and tied with blue ribbon. We brought some food and some other women from the church made dishes to share. There was a LOT of good food! And instead of silly games, we passed around a book for everyone to write words of wisdom, and also had a blanket that had some stitching and some knotting to be done, and everyone worked on it together. 

Adam wanted a pirate theme for the nursery, so my mom made the cutest pirate cake, and we got a pirate hat and eye patch for Adam to wear at the shower (which he did, he's such a good sport!). Shante got to wear a Mommy To-Be sash and we got her a pretty corsage.  Adam and Shante had a great time and got lots of adorable stuff for baby Jeremiah!

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